Tue, 15.12.2020 11:00

Juristenrunde with Cemre Polat

Cemre Polat, currently guest researcher at the Institute for European Tort Law (ETL) gives a Juristenrunde presentation on the 'Liability of producers of autonomous systems under the EU Product Liability Directive' on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 11.00h.

Cemre Polat studied law at Koç University and subsequently gained LL.M. degree from University College London. She is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant in the Civil Law Department of Bilkent University and registered lawyer in Ankara Bar Association. Currently, she is a guest researcher at the Institute for European Tort Law to conduct research for her Ph.D. thesis titled “Autonomous Systems in the Law of Extra-Contractual Liability.” Ms. Polat is also researcher in the “Artificial Intelligence and Law” project funded by  the Turkish National Council of Scientific and Technological Research.

AI-based systems are autonomous and unpredictable and they are meant to learn and develop by themselves. Unlike conventional products, they do not operate under the direct control of a human being nor do they perform automatic actions previously set by the producer. Due to these unique features and rapid advancements in the area of AI and machine learning, the adequacy of the traditional liability rules are being questioned. The aim of Cemre Polat's presentation is to analyse the liability of the producers of autonomous systems. The focus is on 85/374/EEC Product Liability Directive.

The event takes place in the Institute's premises and is free of charge.