Tue, 10.10.2023 18:30

Pflanzliche Textilfasern

Hybrid Lecture | Vienna

Fibre flax at the Open Air Museum Kongens Lyngby in Denmark (© Freie Universität Berlin/S. Karg)

Vortragsreihe »Neue Bioarchäologische Forschungen« (NeuBioArch)

»Pflanzliche Textilfasern — Produktion und Verarbeitung während des 4. und 3. Jts. BC im Alpenraum«

Sabine Karg | Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie der Freien Universität Berlin

Numerous archaeological finds made from plant fibers testify to the extensive know-how of the Neolithic population on the extraction and further processing of this important raw material. A fiber flax grown specifically for textile production can be proven in the Alpine region so far from the early 4th millennium BC. Tree bast and grasses also played a role in the production of clothing, nets and all kinds of utensils, which have been preserved under anaerobic and humid conditions. Hidden in the archaeological record are artifacts - hitherto unrecognized - that were of great use in textile production, as experiments with replicas suggest.



October 10, 2023, 6.30 PM CEST

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