Tue, 08.11.2022 18:30

»Mutterschaft und ihre Auswirkungen auf das Skelett«

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Photogrammetric 3D model of a basin from the Hainburg-Teichtal excavation (© OeAW-OeAI/L. Waltenberger)

Lecture Series »Neue Bioarchäologische Forschungen« (NeuBioArch)

»»Mutterschaft und ihre Auswirkungen auf das Skelett: Neue bioarchäologische Methoden zur Untersuchung von knöchernen Geburtsmerkmalen««

Lukas Waltenberger | OeAI


Pregnancy and birth are difficult topics to grasp in bioarchaeology with few possibilities for evidence (e.g. DNA, coffin births). For more than 50 years, so-called bony birth marks on the pelvis have been known (parturition scars), which, despite unclear causes, have been put in context with pregnancy and birth. In this lecture, new bioarchaeological methods for determining the birth rate in past populations will be presented and possible causes for the formation of the bony birth features will be discussed. The results also bring comprehensive insights into the effects of pregnancy and birth on the human body.


In Cooperation with the Bioarchäologische Gesellschaft




8 November 2022, 6.30 pm

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OeAW-OeAI, Bioarchäologische

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