Thu, 26.10.2023 – 28.10.2023

Archaeological Stratigraphy Conference 2023

Conference | Graz, Austria

Since the birth of the Harris Matrix and its associated concepts – seminal ideas for archaeology – fifty years ago, archaeological stratigraphy has evolved into a distinct scientific method upon which the collection of fundamental data in the subject is dependent. Since 1973, there have been other important developments in archaeological stratigraphy. Among those methods stands the introduction of digital documentation, with Geographic Information Systems forming a major platform for recording on archaeological projects, from excavation to large-scale landscape studies. Other recent developments include methods for
combining stratigraphic sequences (Harris Matrices) with interval-based time models. As in geology, it cannot be overemphasized that Archaeological Stratigraphy is now one of the fundamental axioms of the science and adherence to its principles is imperative.

The Archaeological Stratigraphy Conference 2023 will endeavour to present current practical and theoretical approaches in archaeological stratigraphy, with some discussions of the evolution of the science before 1973. The conference will focus on the impact of the Harris Matrix, the development of stratigraphic theory and practice, ethical considerations, digital documentation of stratigraphic excavations, and the latest software developments for making Harris Matrices and the 4D documentation of archaeological excavations.





26 – 28 October 2023

University of Graz

National Museum of Bermuda, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology, University
of Graz, University of Vienna, Universalmuseum Joanneum, OeAW-OeAI

Sigrid Pratsch


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