Nanomaterials in cosmetics

New NanoTrust dossier: Regulation and safety assessment in the EU.

The cosmetics industry is constantly developing new products to meet different requirements, drawing on developments in the latest research - including nanotechnology.

"In 2009, the EU Cosmetics Regulation was adapted, with specific provisions for nanomaterials already introduced. Since cosmetics are so-called consumer applications, their safety is particularly important," points out Anna Pavlicek, co-author of the dossier.

To ensure the highest possible level of protection for consumers, the EU Cosmetics Regulation was adapted in 2009, with special provisions for nanomaterials introduced. These include the notification of cosmetic products containing nanomaterials to the European Commission, a comprehensive safety assessment, and the labeling of nanoscale ingredients on the product label. Cosmetics are the only consumer products with such regulations in the EU. In the U.S., for example, these regulations don’t exist to protect consumers.

"The rapid progress in technology now makes it necessary to adapt and update the regulations in order to continue to ensure the highest possible level of protection for consumers", Pavlicek continued.

The definition of the term "nanomaterial" in the regulation, the safety assessment procedure, the notification procedure and the method of labeling are now subject to review at the EU level.

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