Daniel Mahoney, Diarmuid Ó Riain and Giorgia Vocino (guest eds.), 2022
Medieval Biographical Collections: Perspectives from Buddhist, Christian and Islamic Worlds. Special Issue of the open access e-journal Medieval Worlds. Wien: VÖAW, 2022 (download [open access]).

With the special issue the e-journal Medieval Worlds has added a new format to its well-established semi-annual volumes in order to accommodate the increasing interest in publishing the results of comparative research as a stand-alone volume.

In this series all collections of interdisciplinary studies with a global outlook will be included which not only address a shared topic but also connect their findings to provide new transdisciplinary and transcultural insights. The present first special issue does this with great aplomb, basing its comparative chapters on case studies addressing biographical collections from three different religious and cultural backgrounds. The introduction and conclusion offer broader comparative perspectives for the complete volume.