Deyvi Papo, BSc

COMMUNITY CONSULTANT - Judeo-Spanish in Istanbul

I am an architecture student, born into the Sephardic Jewish community in Istanbul. Currently I am studying (MA) at the Vienna University of Technology. My main interests are the representation of cultures and identities in arts and architecture. Since 2015, I have assisted members of the VLACH team (Ioana Aminian) in conducting field research, transcribing material and editing video-clips for the Judeo-Spanish language.

This experience motivated me to take part in field research among the Sephardic community in Ceuta and Tetouán (2017, with Ioana Aminian), where I explored the dynamics between culture and language, and how it is reflected in the architecture and arts of the region. Through my active participation in VLACH as a community consultant, I have had the chance to "re-explore" the Sephardic culture and learn Judeo-Spanish effectively in a short period of time. I have further motivated some of my peers to get involved in activities related to Judeo-Spanish and re-introduced Judeo-Spanish as the spoken language in my family.

Imane Sghiouar MA, Lic.

COMMUNITY CONSULTANT - Judeo-Spanish in Istanbul

I am a French PhD student working as a university assistant in the Department of Romance Studies at the University of Vienna. I studied at the University Bordeaux Montaigne as well as at the University Autónoma de Madrid and received a MA from the University of Vienna where I carried out a research on the relation between language, music and identity among the Sahrawi diaspora in Spain.

My research is focused on language contact, multilingualism, language and ethnicity, which are expressed by several field researches in Morocco and Spain. Furthermore, my research activities and interest focus on minority and endangered languages including Judeo-Spanish, Isleño, Louisiana Creole and particularly Louisiana French examined in my PhD thesis.

My interest on minority and endangered languages and language documentation is reflected by my collaboration within the VLACH projects and especially regarding the collection "Judeo-Spanish in Istanbul". My collaboration consists in transcribing, translating and editing the video clips for the online collection.