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Documenting Vanishing Languages


Documenting Vanishing Languages

30th September - 5th October 2019

The Documenting Vanishing Languages workshop aims to bring together members of vanishing language communities and scholars alike in an intensive training week on language documentation. During this week, a dialogue will be created between trainers, young scholars, experts and community members for the purpose of addressing the challenges of language documentation in different language communities around the world and developing strategies for a better collaboration between communities and academia. The training offered by the Endangered Language Archive team (ELAR, SOAS, London) and the VLACH Team will enable us, on the one hand, to motivate members of the different language community to become active in the documentation and annotation of their endangered languages and cultures, and, on the other hand, to best prepare young Masters / PhD students for the field of language documentation.


Invited Speakers

Mark Turin (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)


Trainers: Endangered Language Archive (ELAR) Team (cover 5 days of the workshop)

Vera Ferreira (SOAS, London)

Alex Garcia Laguia (SOAS, London)

Anna and Remigiusz Sowa (Chouette Films, London)


Trainers: VLACH Team (cover 1 day of the workshop)

Ioana Aminian (VLACH, Vienna)

Mehdi Aminian (VLACH, Vienna)

Chingis Azydov (VLACH, Vienna)

Thede Kahl (VLACH, Vienna)

Andreea Pascaru (VLACH, Vienna)


Local Organizers

Andreea Pascaru (VLACH, ÖAW)

Ioana Aminian (VLACH, ÖAW)

Thede Kahl (VLACH, ÖAW)