How does climate change increase the risk of forest fires in Austria?

Projektleiter: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kirchengast

Projektbearbeiter: Dagmar Henner

Laufzeit: November – Dezember 2020

Climate change — an accelerator of compound risks for forests and forestry
Anthropogenic global warming leads to a particularly strong and complex imprint in regional climate change and its biophysical and societal consequences in the Alpine region and its southern & eastern forelands towards the Mediterranean area (Zscheischler et al., 2018). The expected intensification of extreme hot and dry spells in severity, frequency, and spatio-temporal extent under climate change in the warm seasons in this region, complemented by land use and management practices that tend
to increase exposure and vulnerability, will likely have strongly adverse effects on forests (e.g., NASA, 2020). Forests under stress will then have a negative impact on economy, society and ecosystems.

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