Stem cell research holds enormous promise for the understanding of basic biological processes and the treatment of diseases. Committing to it in a concerted effort is a powerful way to propel the fields of science and medicine forward.


The facility offers two highly demanded core services in human IPS reprogramming & human and mouse genome targeting. Further, the collaborative effort between IMBA and other Austrian academic/ clinical establishments has enabled the generation of a human IPS biobank, which contains quality reprogrammed healthy and disease lines that are accessible for all scientists. Training and knowledge dissemination to the next generation of scientists is a core mission of the facility and annual courses or individual training upon request are being regularly offered.

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Jennifer Volz

Co-Head, Stem Cell Core Facility


Aligianni Sofia

Foong-Sobis Michelle

Kinzer Manuela

Leeb Nicole

Mosca Ellen

Stein Elisabeth

Volz-Glaser Jennifer

Terms & Conditions

We use well-established protocols which we adapt to our service pipelines. However, a lot of projects can be challenging due to technical and/or biological reasons we cannot control, and that may cause the service to be paused or stopped entirely. Our goal is to make this process transparent and help you prepare before requesting one of our services. Here you will find information on the ISCCF conditions, as well as considerations for your project planning. 

By using our services, you have read and agreed to the ISCCF Service Terms & Conditions.


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