Our latest group picture - February 2022

Lab retreat in October 2021

We had our lab retreat in October 2021 in Prein an der Rax, which is one hour by car from Vienna. We each presented our research, future ideas and discussed them together. We also had fun cooking together, enjoying some celebratory drinks and we did some hiking.

Life at IMBA

A selection of images taken while working at the bench, at conferences on the VBC campus, enjoying lunch together, discussing science and having fun in the lab. 

Life outside of IMBA

A selection of images taken at lab outings, external conferences, sightseeing, and while out hiking.

Our first official lab picture in 2017

About the header

Our header for the news section is a piece of the amazing dentate gyrus cake created by Sophie Austin from Francois Guillemot's lab at the Crick. Thanks to all the lab for your continuous support and for a great farewell from London!