About us

Our first official lab picture

The team started out at IMBA in 2017.

  • Noelia will be participating as an instructor in the upcoming CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training program: Developmental Neurobiology and Pathologies (Bordeaux, 3-21 April 2018). Applications are open until the 18th of December and several travel grants are available.
  • Noelia will be one of the speakers/mentors in the next Achucarro International Glia School (Bilbao, 27-29 June 2018). Applications are accepted until end of November.

About the header

Our header for the news section is a piece of the amazing dentate gyrus cake created by Sophie Austin from Francois Guillemot's lab at the Crick. Thanks to all the lab for your continuous support and for a great farewell from London!