The 21st Annual Conference on European Tort Law

The Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for both practitioners and academics to discover the most significant tort law developments from across Europe in 2021. Experts from each of the many jurisdictions represented will present selected highlights from their contributions to the European Tort Law Yearbook, an annual volume which provides a comprehensive overview of legislative and judicial developments in tort law throughout Europe during the preceding year. (The Yearbook ‘European Tort Law 2021’ will be published in autumn 2022.) The national reports will be followed by an overview of EU law developments and a comparative, concluding summary, which will critically assess the most important trends and issues to emerge.

The Conference concludes with a special session on ‘Competition law, data protection and liability – where is EU tort law heading?’. In this special session, Katri Havu (Helsinki) will analyse developments in the area of damages for competition law infringements, whereas Jonas Knetsch (Paris) addresses the question of compensation in the area of data protection (both with a focus on developments in EU law). A third presentation, held by Wolfgang Wurmnest (Hamburg), will then provide an analysis of how the developments in the two areas relate to the general rules, to what extent trends can be derived here for the further development of Union law, and where challenges or difficulties are to be found.


If you have any questions, before or during the conference, please contact Sonja Akbal via ectil(at) or telephone +43 1 4277 29650.