The 20th Annual Conference on European Tort Law

The 20th Annual Conference on European Tort Law, held on 8 April and 9 April 2021, was the first major digital event hosted by the Institute for European Tort Law of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Graz (ETL) and the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL). It provided an opportunity for both practitioners and academics to discover the most significant tort law developments from across Europe. Experts from 29 jurisdictions present selected highlights from their contributions to the European Tort Law Yearbook, an annual volume which provides a comprehensive overview of legislative and judicial developments in tort law throughout Europe during the preceding year. As every year, the national reports were followed by an overview of EU law developments and a comparative, concluding summary, which critically assesses the most important trends and issues to emerge. A Special Session delved into the topic of ‘Duty to prevent harm’.

The Conference team would like to sincerely thank all speakers, our chairman and all participants in the discussion. We are very happy that with more than 420 registrations and participants from 47 countries ACET@HOME had a very impressive global impact. The livestream was accessed not only from Europe but from all over the globe – eg. China, India, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, USA, Brasil, Colombia and Russia. Moreover, viewers remained online for an average of several hours, which can be seen as an indicator of smooth technical implementation and also shows that the topics were of interest for the audience. The feedback we have so far received reflects how much the participants enjoyed the conference.

Should we have sparked your interest, mark Thursday 21 April to Saturday 23 April 2022 for next year's conference. The programme, including the topic of the Special Session will be announced soon.

For further information, please contact lisa.zeiler(at)