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»The beginnings of town life at Kom Ombo«

Online Lecture | Cairo

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Lecture Series ASEA – Austrian Studies In Egyptian Arachaeology

»The beginnings of town life at Kom Ombo: People and institutions of the Old Kingdom through their sealings«

Philipp Seyr | Université de Liège

The seal impressions of the early town of Kom Ombo in southern Egypt retrieved by the Austrian-Egyptian joint mission rank among the most numerous class of finds. The evidence of seals and seal impressions from the beginnings of the town in the 2nd Dynasty to the 6th Dynasty will be discussed. Institutional seal impressions with the names of the kings Userkaf, Sahura and Neferirkara (5th Dynasty) which mention the main local institutions are especially relevant for the history of Upper Egypt in the Old Kingdom. Comparisons to sealings from contemporary sites such as Buhen, Elephantine, Hierakonpolis and el-Kab may refine our current understanding of the urban organisation in the southernmost Upper Egyptian provinces.






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