This project on standardization activities regarding the use of nanotechologies points out the importance of work on standarization and conveys that the input of science is important and desirable.



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Conference Papers/Speeches

Conference Papers/Speeches

The aim of NanoStandards is to create general awareness that scientific input is crucial when it comes to the standardization of nanotechnologies. It points out the oftentimes overlooked importance of standardization and conveys that scientific expertise is important and desirable.

The work of standardization is little known in the academic world for several reasons. There are, however, numerous ongoing activities in the area of nanotechnologies. The ITA is already participating in standardization in Austria and aims to further expand the scientific network around it.

Fostering cooperation

Internationally, a large number of standardization projects on nanotechnology are underway, especially at the ISO and CEN levels. These activities are regularly monitored and commented upon by the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI). The standardization committee 052.73 "Nanotechnology", chaired by ITA scientist Dr. André Gazsó, is responsible for doing so. It is composed of transdisciplinary members (AUVA, BMVIT, TU Vienna, BOKU, BioNanoNet and others).

The aim is to intensify the communication between the standardization bodies and the Austrian nano-expertise in order to obtain clear ideas what goals Austria and Austrian representatives can pursue in international nano standardization. Standardization work is to be gradually linked more closely with Austrian nanotechnology expertise through increased community building and the establishment of appropriate communication processes.

In the course of this process, additional knowledge on nano R&D, nano safety research and technology assessment will be generated and documented for open exchange.


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