CSIR - Corpus signorum imperii romani: The Roman Stone Monuments of Carnuntum

Project Leader: G. Kremer

A great number of stone monuments have been discovered since the publication of the first CSIR Carnuntum volumes between 1967 and 1970 and the demands on the corpus have increased constantly. 


The scientific revision of the CSIR Carnuntum will update and complement the inventory of stone monuments; an interdisciplinary evaluation of this rich source of material will also be undertaken.

The results are published in print as well as digital publications.

Stone Monuments and Quarrying in the Carnuntum – Vindobona area

An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of an Archaeological Find Category
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 26368-G21

As over 80% of sacral monuments from Carnuntum are made of local calcareous limestone, the “Leithakalke” (the calcareous limestone of the Vienna Basin and the Leitha area) are at the forefront of this study.

Based on existing results with respect to historic quarries in the Vienna and Leitha regions, the systematic development of a reference database will permit local allocation of ancient dressed stones to the respective mining areas.

Substantial archaeological and geological data collections, as well as mapping and high-resolution laser scan data of the study area are available. They will be integrated into the current analyses, too.