COST IS 1305 . European Network of electronic Lexicography (ENeL)

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) provides scientific developments leading to new concepts and products. It contributes Europe’s research and innovation capacities.

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The COST action aims to establish a European network of lexicography (ENeL), dealing with the following issues in a structured way:

  • give more simple access to scholarly dictionaries and simultaneously to defeat the gap between public and scientific dictionaries
  • to set up more systematic exchange of knowledge and common standards and solution
  • develop a common approach e-lexicography which will be the basis for a new type of lexicography which completely covers the pan-European nature of the vocabulary of many spoken languages of Europe.

The ENeL consists of 4 Working Groups:

WG1 Integrated Interface to European Dictionary Content: Examines how dictionaries of European languages could be available to academics and to the general public.
WG2 Retro-Digitised Dictionaries: This working group focuses on the guidelines and standards for the transfer of paper dictionaries in digital versions.
WG3 Innovative E-Dictionaries: The main topic is designing digital dictionaries in which the latest developments of E-Lexicography are involved and it links Lexicography and Computerlinguistics.
WG4 Lexicography and Lexicology from a pan-European Perspective: In this working group the members are examining how the vocabulary of European languages can be represented in monolingual dictionaries in dictionary portals. This topic is particulary important in the study of loanwords and their re-acquisition within the source language.

WG4 is chaired by the ACDH and it coordiantes the Austrian participation .

Interested people are cordially invited!