Dr.- Ing. Mag. Lilli Zabrana
Austrian Academy of Science -
Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAI)
Department Historical Archaeology

T (+43 1) 51581-4135
E lilli.zabrana(at)oeaw.ac.at
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Lilli Zabrana is coordinator and principal investigator of the project and is responsible for all the issues regarding building research and their contextual, archaeological analysis.
She obtained a Master's degree in Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna. With the additionally completed Master programme “Conservation of Heritage” focusing on historic building research, with a subsequent doctorate in the department of architecture at the TU Berlin, she has acquired an ideal interdisciplinary expertise for operating the YIRG-project. Since 2009 Lilli Zabrana has led an interdisciplinary research project supervising archaeological investigations as well as the building research of a monument newly identified by her as an Odeion in the Artemision of Ephesos. The architectural part of this project was her doctoral thesis, at the Institute for Architectural History at the Technical University in Berlin. This past research project formed initial impetus for the present project application, designed and developed by her. Since 2010 she has been working at the Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAI/OeAW) as research associate.