DI Juliane Goischke, MSc
Austrian Academy of Science -
Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAI)
Department Historical Archaeology

T (+43 1) 51581-4146
E juliane.goischke(at)oeaw.ac.at
Juliane Goischke | Austrian Academy of Sciences - Academia.edu


As a qualified surveyor with a lot of experience in archaeological projects, Juliane Goischke is responsible for the building research as well as geodesy and GIS.
Juliane Goischke obtained a degree in geodesy at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. With her diploma thesis she established a consistent reference system and a digital terrain model for the archaeological excavation site of Dahshur (Egypt). She completed her master of science in Heritage Conservation and Building Archaeology at the department of Architecture at the TU Berlin with a scientific thesis on the Temple Terrace in Tell Mozan (Syria). Juliane worked as freelancing surveying engineer and building researcher in the context of archaeology and heritage conservation in numerous research projects in the Mediterranean and Near East. Recently Juliane worked as a trainer for documentation of architectural heritage monuments in cooperation with UNESCO and The German Archaeological Institut.