Mag. Dr. Vera Hofmann
Austrian Academy of Science -
Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAI)
Department Classical Studies

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Vera Hofmann | Austrian Academy of Sciences -



Vera Hofmann is principal investigator of the project and is responsible for the systematisation of all relevant, preserved Greco-Roman inscriptions as well as for the analysis of relevant specific historical sources about the sanctuary of the Artemis, its sacred precinct and the territory of the sanctuary.
Vera Hofmann studied Ancient History, Classical Philology and Romance Studies in Vienna. During her education, she analysed Greek and Latin inscriptions from the Greek East, as well as papyri, in order to reveal the bias of documentary evidence on the relations between centre and periphery in the Roman Empire. She has published new inscriptions from the Ephesian harbour necropolis and offered new interpretations of already published inscriptions of Ephesos. She completed her PhD thesis on Hadrianic correspondence at the University of Vienna 2015 and is member of the project "DOCUMENTA ANTIQUA" at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture.