Master thesis "Top quark mass measurement with newly developed algorithms"

Betreuer: Robert Schöfbeck (HEPHY), Massimiliano Procura (Uni Wien)

In the standard model of particle physics, the top quark mass is a key parameter playing a crucial role in many precision measurements and is important even for the long-term stability of the vacuum. Help us decide the fate of the universe by exploring newly proposed QCD observables that go beyond existing data analyses at the LHC experiments and allow for a novel precision determination of the top quark mass. A background in particle physics and experience in coding are assets. We offer an excellent opportunity to contribute to ongoing research at the interface between theoretical particle physics at Uni Wien and data analysis with the CMS experiment at CERN's LHC.

This master's thesis project is under the joint supervision of Ass.-Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Procura (Uni Wien) and Privatdoz. Dr. Robert Schoefbeck (HEPHY, ÖAW).

If you are interested, please contact robert.schoefbeck(at) and massimiliano.procura(at)