Society Diagnoses 3rd Edition

Alexander BOGNER, 2018

3rd edition published in August 2018! See info on the website of the publisher

Knowledge society, risk society, security society - the list of catchy labels that claim to sum up their society is long. This book offers an overview of classical diagnoses of society. The presentation ranges from the early forms of philosophical diagnosis of time up to sociological designs that refer to our contemporary society.
While sometimes considered somewhat unsound, this survey also reveals the appeal of social diagnoses even today. 

From the contents:

  • The discreet charm of social diagnostics:
    Time diagnostics - a dubious business? Social diagnosis, social theory - what's the difference? "On the shoulders of giants": on representation and text selection
  • The birth of time diagnosis from the spirit of cultural criticism:
    The belief in the self-healing powers of history; Time diagnosis and cultural criticism; The tragedy of "Socratic Cultur"; Time diagnosis and time interpretation.
  • The Dialectic of Enlightenment:
    Critical and uncritical theory; From the domination of nature to total domination; Thou shalt not make unto thee any image: Critique of reification
  • The Technological Society:
    Central aspects of technocracy; The technical state; In the beginning was the rack; Can ethics tame technology?
  • Risk Society:
    What does risk society mean? Dimensions of risk society; Reflexive modernization.
  • Security Society:
    Aspects of the security society; From the resocialization model to the culture of control; "Prison works": the prison as a model of order; Changes in social control.
  • The active society:
    Activation as the humus of democracy; The critique of the active state; Activation as a neoliberal project
  • The thoroughly rationalized society:
    The world as a fast food restaurant; The power of bureaucracy; The end of the logic of rationalization; Control and self-control
  • Experience society:
    Bring on the good life; The ideology of intimacy; The multi-option society
  • Knowledge Society:
    On the Way to the Knowledge (Society); Service Society; Knowledge Work and the Transformation of Knowledge Production; Knowledge Society as Ideology?

This publication is only available in German