DiaLogbuch AAL – Dialogues on Active and Assisted Living

Ulrike BECHTOLD, Uli WAIBEL and Mahshid SOTOUDEH (eds.), OCG 2016

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) refers to the use of information and communication technologies in the areas of health, mobility, communication, work and care, with particular attention to the needs of older people. AAL aims to provide services and technologies that maintain and improve the well-being, autonomy and safety of older people, as well as their health and social integration. 

The DiaLogbuch AAL is aimed at a wider circle of readers in order to make them more aware of the AAL topic and to sensitize them to the associated potentials and risks. It is intended to provide orientation in a wide range of topics, to offer inspiration and stimulation, and to be a workbook for people in different contexts and life worlds that allows them to make their own notes and promotes optimism about the common future.

This publication is only available in German