Wed, 12.06.2024 11:00

Medieval Manuscripts and Conservation Science

Vasiliki Kokla gibt Einblicke in noninvasive Methoden zur Materialanalyse mittelalterlicher Handschriften. Damit werden Vorarbeiten für restauratorische Maßnahmen geleistet und durch die Ergebnisse gewinnen Forschende Einblicke in technologische Verfahren und kulturelle Gepflogenheiten früherer Jahrhunderte.

New Interdisciplinary Approaches

The conservation of medieval manuscripts is essential for preserving these invaluable historical documents, understanding their context and content, and ensuring their accessibility for future generations. The first step in this direction is the in-depth study of the materials and manufacturing techniques used in assembling medieval manuscripts. By analyzing the materials (such as black and color inks, writing supports and binding materials) and the techniques used in their production, researchers can gain insights into the technological and cultural practices of the time.

Material analysis can provide accurate results, especially for the chemical elements contained in materials used to make medieval manuscripts, such as inks. Today, the field of conservation is constantly evolving, primarily thanks to the application of new technologies and methodologies such as microscopical optical imaging, multispectral imaging and computational analysis. Approaching manuscripts with these technologies allows to carry on detailed investigations without damage. In this presentation a number of case studies concerning the application of the above mentioned methods will be illustrated.




Wednesday, 12 June 2024
11 a.m.

Institute for Medieval Research
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