Wed, 06.09.2023 9:00

7th International Conference on Watermarks in Digital Collections

Bernstein conference. Verona, Italy, September 6 - 8, 2023.

The conference intends to bring together scholars, paper experts, conservators, curators, and others who work in watermark research or are interested in this topic. It will contain sessions with lectures, a guided tour through Verona and the Biblioteca Capitolare, and an excursion to Toscolano at the Lake Garda.

There is no conference fee. The costs for the bus transfer from Verona to Toscolano and back on Friday, September 8 are 30 EUROs per person. 
Please indicate in your registration email if you will use the bus transfer to Toscolano.

Registration: emanuel.wenger(at); Timoty.leonardi(at)



September 6-8, 2023

Verona and Toscolano Maderno, Italy

Program (PDF)

DI Emanuel Wenger
Institut für Mittelalterforschung (IMAFO) der ÖAW