Hartmut Buescher, 2007
Sthiramati´s Triṃśikāvijñaptibhāṣya: Critical Editions of the Sanskrit Text and its Tibetan Translation. (BKGA 57.) Wien: VÖAW, 2007 (order online). (157 S.)

Sthiramati´s Triṃśikāvijñaptibhāṣya (TrBh) is a philosophical commentary (6th c.) to Vasubandhu´s Triṃśikākārikās, an influential composition sketching the Yogācāra-Vijñānavāda (Y.-V.) horizon of thought in its most essential features. Belonging to an extensive Yogācāra textual corpus extant, mostly, in Tibetan and/or Chinese translations, TrBh is one of the very few texts still available in original Sanskrit. Enriched by excursus addressing thematically pertinent problems, Sthiramati´s contribution offers a concentrated overview of the specifically Y.-V. system of a kind of static as well as genetic phenomenology, which additionally is characterized by providing clear ontological structures as well as soteriological reflections.