Gerhard Oberhammer, Ernst Prets, Joachim Prandstetter, 2006
Terminologie der frühen philosophischen Scholastik in Indien. Band III: Pra–H: Ein Begriffswörterbuch zur altindischen Dialektik, Erkenntnistheorie und Methodologie. (BKGA 49.) Wien: VÖAW, 2006 (order online). (305 S.)

This volume is the third and last of the three-volume dictionary of Early Indian dialectics, epistemology and methodology. The first two volumes that comprise, following the Sanskrit alphabet, the headwords from A to I (Vol. 1) and U to Pu (Vol. 2) were published in Vienna (Austrian Academy of Sciences Press) in 1991 and 1996. The now completed third volume comprises the entries from Pra-H and contains 152 articles. This dictionary is the first attempt to make the formal terminology as developed in the early period of Indian philosophy accessible. Its aim is to show the historical development of this terminology from the beginnings of the systematic philosophical reflection up to the period of Dignaga (ca. AD 480 – 540). In the composition of the articles, the intent is to consider, as far as possible, all Sanskrit texts of the relevant period that discuss logic, epistemology, dialectics, and the methodology of scientific demonstration. For the sake of the use of readers who are not familiar with Sanskrit, such as comparative historians of philosophy, etc., the text passages in the articles are not only presented in the Sanskrit original, but also in German translation.