Mo, 01.04. – 05.07.2019

ExploreAT! Launches "Food History" Citizen Science Project for Schools

exploreAT! invites school classes to contribute to a new project by studying food and alimentation through the lense of historical records and creating a digital data collection.

CC BY-NC Katja Berger 2018

As part of this year’s Citizen Science Award programme, organized by the OeAD’s “Center for Citizen Science”, the ACDH-based exploreAT! project invites young citizens – particularly school classes – to get involved in research and get to know the work of cultural historians over the next three months. As one of seven citizen science projects featured in the initiative, exploreAT!’s “Food History” project is dedicated to exploring the topic of food and alimentation from a historical and cultural studies perspective and researching the subject through the lense of historical records, narratives, and (oral) traditions.

From 1 April to 5 July, the “Food History” project is open for active participation by school classes and other interested citizens. Young citizen scientists can join in by collecting diverse documents and materials related to food and alimentation, such as handwritten recipes or photos of kitchen utensils from the past, and uploading them to a digital collection in the online data archive “Topothek”. Just like professional researchers, they observe, collect, catalogue, analyse and record historical documents and cultural artifacts, asking questions and reflecting on their value for research.

Besides an opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of science and research, the Center for Citizen Science also awards cash prizes for the junior citizen scientists’ contributions and for documentary videos about their research activities.

Further information on the programme and on how to join in or get in touch can be found on the project webpage (in German).