Work starts on “Global Handbook on Media Accountability”

Successful editors' meeting for new book publication “Global Handbook on Media Accountability” in Berlin

After getting the green light from Routledge, the first editors' meeting for "The Global Handbook on Media Accountability" took place on 21st May in Berlin. Following the successful publication of “The European Handbook of Media Accountability” for Routledge International Handbooks in 2018, Matthias Karmasin und Tobias Eberwein from CMC, and Susanne Fengler from TU Dortmund, will be editors again. Sandra Barthel, researcher and PhD candidate at CMC, and Dominik Speck from TU Dortmund will be Assistant Editors.


The “Global Handbook on Media Accountability” is planned for 2022 and will also be published by Routledge. The anthology will include more than 45 country reports from six continents and will present a global overview of the current status of media accountability.