Multiple Best Papers Awards for CMC Researchers

The conference year started successfully for CMC researchers, which received multiple Best Paper Awards at national and international conferences.

Birgit Stark (JGU Mainz), Andreas Riedl (CMC), Melanie Magin (NTNU Trondheim) & Linards Udris (University of Zurich) at ICA 2022 in Paris

Based on the project “Determinants of Journalism´s Democratic Quality”, CMC’s Andreas Riedl was awarded with the 1st Top Student Paper Award of the Journalism Studies Division at the 72nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in Paris for his Paper “Journalistic Drivers of Women's Representation in Political News. A Mixed Methods Study” together with Tobias Rohrbach (University of Fribourg) and CMC’s Christina Krakovsky.

Another paper at ICA 2022 with Andreas Riedl’s participation based on the project “Media Performance and Democracy (MPD)”, the paper “Unbalanced Fringes: Assessing the Performance of German News Media when Covering Migration” by Raphael Kösters, Melanie Magin, Olaf Jandura, Birgit Stark, Linards Udris, Miriam Klein, him and Ralph Weiß, received the 2nd Top Faculty Paper Award of the Journalism Studies Division.

CMC’s Andreas Schulz collaborated for the paper “Rezeption identitätsbasierter Hassrede in Deutschland und Ungarn: Eine vergleichende Conjoint-Analyse der Reaktionen von Nutzer:innen auf antifeministische, homophobe und sexistische Facebook-Posts“ (“Reception of Identity-Based Hate Speech in Germany and Hungary: A Comparative Conjoint Analysis of Users' Reactions to Anti-Feminist, Homophobic, and Sexist Facebook Posts”) by Claudia Wilhelm, him, Anna Fejos and Violetta Zentai, which was part of the Best Paper-Panel at the Annual Meeting of the Media Reception and Effects Division (RezFo) of the German Association of Communication Science (DGPuK) in Düsseldorf.