Media Pluralism Monitor 2020 / by Josef Seethaler & Maren Beaufort

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2020 (MPM2020) is a scientific and holistic effort to document the health of media ecosystems, detailing threats to media pluralism and freedom in European Union member states and some candidate countries.

The MPM2020 is a scientific data-driven effort to document the risks to media pluralism in the
European Union Member States (UK included) as well as in candidate countries, Turkey, and for
the first time Albania, over the years 2018 and 2019, based on a set of 200 variables organised in
20 indicators. None of the countries analysed are free from risks to media pluralism.

CMC´s Deputy-Director Josef Seethaler has been the lead scientist for the Austrian Country Team for the Media Pluralism Monitor since 2014.


Full MPM2020 Report

MPM2020 Austrian Country Report by CMC´s Josef Seethaler and Maren Beaufort


Press Release

Video presentation of MPM 2020 (Youtube link)

"Europäische Medienvielfalt-Studie sieht Politeinfluss und Konzentration in Österreich als Gefahren", derstandard.at, 23.07.2020