Media Performance and Democracy - Audience desire to participate

A project of CMC´s "Media, Politics & Democracy" group looks into quality indicators of media in democratic societies and currently finds that media output in Austria often fails to contextualize facts in a meaninful way for audiences.

Josef Seethaler´s FWF-funded project "Media and Democracy" is featured on the FWF-Blog "scilog" this week.

The international project with partners in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland aims for a cross-country comparison of media quality and at the same time to establish quality indicators for the media in regards to their relevance to democratic societies.

The most recent data for Austria suggest that while the medie manage to report facts and public policy well, audiences demand a better contextualization of issues and more participation in shaping media output. This, Seethaler suggest, might necessitate a rethinking of journalists´ own understanding of their role in a democratic society.

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More information on CMC´s research focus "Media and Democracy" can be found here.