Wed, 23.10.2019 10:00

Workshop: Biodiversity in connection with Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

Join a transdisciplinary discovery process towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

CC-BY 4.0, Britta Breuers

Environmental devastation harms regional livelihoods and cultural diversity. The scope of linguistic diversity brought to bear on habitat loss, biodiversity and climate change necessarily narrows as networked cultures coalesce. New perspectives on biocultural heritage in relation to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are asked for, in order to protect local linguistic and ecological knowledge, cultural heritage and alternative practices in their interrelation with biodiversity. Following the framework of the universal declaration of cultural diversity promoted by UNESCO, different knowledge contributions, scientific literature, educational approaches and materials linking biological and cultural diversity have been developed, but there's still a lack of approaches from cultural or linguistic studies.

Call for participants for “Manifesto sprint”:

Following the philosophy of the book sprint methodology, the exploration space at the ACDH is organising a two-days collaborative session on biocultural diversity.

Dates: 23-24 October 2019

Venue: Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna

Participation: Free (with previous confirmation)

(Registration is closed)

Call for book chapter abstracts:

Biodiversity in connection with Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

Deadline: 26 September, 2019

Abstract extension: max. 150 to 200 words

Further Information:

Manifesto sprint registration and abstract submission (PDF)






ACDH ÖAW Wohllebengasse 12-14 1040 Vienna


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