Stefan Wrzaczek

(principal investigator)

Phone: (+43 1) 31 336 - 7736

Research Group
Population Economics

Stefan Wrzaczek receiving his PhD in 2005. He had positions at the Vienna University of Technology, the University of Vienna and the Vienna Institute of Demography. He already led the FWF research project ‘changing market structures in intertemporal optimization’ at the University of Vienna. His research interests include applications of optimal control theory, age-structured optimal control theory, differential games, as well as health economics and population dynamics. He has published in the Journal of Economic Theory, Economics Letters, Theoretical Population Biology, Journal of Mathematical Economics, European Journal of Operational Research and Automatica.

Michael Kuhn


Phone: (+43 1) 31336 - 7742

Research Group
Population Economics

Michael Kuhn is (co-)leader of the research group on population economics at the Wittgenstein Centre (IIAS,VID/OEAW,WU) and Vienna Institute of Demography. Having received a doctorate in economics from the University of Rostock, Germany, in 2001 he has since held positions at the Centre of Health Economics, University of York, UK (1999-2004; lectureship) and at the Max-Planck-Institute for Demographic Research / University of Rostock, Germany (2005-2008; junior professorship). His research interests lie in the area of health and population economics. He has published, inter alia, in the Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Economics Letters, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Demographic Economics, Demographic Research and Theoretical Population Biology. He is member of the field committees on “Health Economics” and “Population Economics” of the German Economic Association, associate editor of the Journal of the Economics of Ageing, and co-organiser of the ‘European Workshop on Labour, Health and Education under Demographic Change’ (since 2006).

Michael Freiberger

E-Mail: michael.freiberger(at)
+ 43 1 31336 - 7744

Research Group
Population Economics

Michael Freiberger obtained his masters degree in Applied Mathematics in Economics and Statistics at the TU Wien in March 2017 with a focus on dynamic macro-economic modelling, population and environmental dynamics and mathematical optimization. In 2015 he spent a semester at Stockholm University, where he took courses about the sociological aspects of economic development and population processes. During his studies he also contributed to research at the Institute of Statistics and Applied Mathematics in economics through his collaboration in several projects under the supervision of Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz. In April 2017 he joined Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, where he analysed the economic aspects of socio-hydrological models, which describe the interaction between the population and the water system. In April 2018 he joined the Wittgenstein Centre to work within the project ‘Life-cycle behaviour in the face of large shocks to health’.