The Logo of the VID Research Group Health & Longevity shows three survival curves which symbolize the main research areas: (1) they illustrate the reduction of human mortality over the last centuries towards rectangularization of the survival curve, and (2) they can also be seen as morbidity, disability and mortality survivorship functions illustrating the health states across the human life span. © - VID

Research Group Leader: Marc Luy

Researchers:  Paola Di Giulio

The  research group Health & Longevity deals with several aspects of health and ageing with a special focus on differentials in mortality and morbidity. These involve differences between women and men, socioeconomic groups, migrants and non-migrants as well as differences between countries or smaller regional units. The aim of these studies is to disentangle the various risk factors and to evaluate their absolute and relative impact on health and mortality, including their variations in different populations and sub-populations. The analyses are based on different data sources including official population statistics, survey data and self-collected data. Additional topics of this research groups comprise technical aspects connected to the available data and methods.

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Levels and Trends of Health Expectancy: Understanding its Measurement and Estimation Sensitivity (ERC-Grant)


The male-female health-mortality paradox (ERC-Grant)

Ora et Labora

A health-sociological study of the effects of the extended working life time of order members in Vienna on their health and life quality
(Wien Kultur)


EHLEIS Actual Country Report Austria (EN)(DE)

Lebenserwartung in Deutschland