Marc Luy

Research Group: Health and Longevity

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7734

E-Mail: marc.luy(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Sauerberg M., Guillot M. & Luy M. (2020). The cross-sectional average length of healthy life (HCAL): a measure that summarizes the history of cohort health and mortality. Population Health Metrics, 18, 1-17.
  • Di Lego V., Di Giulio P. & Luy M. (2020). Gender differences in healthy and unhealthy life expectancy. InC. Jagger, Crimmins, E. M., Saito, Y., De Carvalho Yokota, R. T., Van Oyen, H., & Robine, J. -M. (Eds.), International Handbook of Health Expectancies (pp. 151-172).
  • Luy M., Di Giulio P., Di Lego V., Patrick Lazarevič & Sauerberg M. (2020). Life expectancy: frequently used, but hardly understood. Gerontology, 66, 95-104.
  • Di Lego V., Patrick Lazarevič & Luy M. (2019). The Male-Female Health-Mortality Paradox. InD. Gu & Dupre, M. E. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging.
  • Luy M., Zannella M., Wegner-Siegmundt C., Minagawa Y., Lutz W. & Caselli G. (2019). The impact of increasing education levels on rising life expectancy: a decomposition analysis for Italy, Denmark, and the USA. Genus, 75, 1-21.

Areas of Expertise

  • Differentials in Health and Mortality
  • Determinants of Healthy Ageing
  • Formal Demography
  • Indirect Estimation Techniques

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