Reports From: 2022

D. Jodlbauer, U. Langer, T. Wick, W. Zulehner

Matrix-free Monolithic Multigrid Methods for Stokes and Generalized Stokes Problems

Report No. 2022-13

A. Ghandriche, M. Sini

Mathematical Analysis of the Photo-acoustic Imaging Modality Using Resonating Dielectric Nano-particles: The 2D TM-Model

Report No. 2022-12

A. Mukherjee, M. Sini

Heat Generation using Lorentzian Nanoparticles: Estimation via Time-Domain Techniques

Report No. 2022-11

M.-C. Dinu, M. Holzleitner, M. Beck, D.H. Nguyen, A. Huber, H. Eghbal-zadeh, B.A. Moser, S.V. Pereverzyev, S. Hochreiter, W. Zellinger

Ensemble Learning for Domain Adaptation by Importance Weighted Least Squares

Report No. 2022-10

A. Ponomarchuk, C. Koutschan, B. Moser

Unboundedness of Linear Regions of Deep ReLU Neural Networks

Report No. 2022-9

M. Dolbeault, D. Krieg, M. Ullrich

A sharp upper bound for sampling numbers in $L_2$

Report No. 2022-8

D. Krieg, P. Siedlecki, M. Ullrich, H. Woźniakowski

Exponential tractability of $L_2$-approximation with function values

Report No. 2022-7

O. Roche-Newton, E. Wong

Convexity, Squeezing, and the Elekes-Szabó Theorem

Report No. 2022-6

I. Kotsireas, C. Koutschan, D. Bulutoglu, J. Turner

Legendre pairs of lengths $\ell\equiv0\,\,(\bmod\,5)$ and $\ell=85$, $\ell=87$ cases

Report No. 2022-5

A. Farahat, B. Jüttler, M. Kapl, T. Takacs

Isogeometric analysis with $C^1$-smooth functions over multi-patch surfaces

Report No. 2022-4

M. Kauers, C. Koutschan

Guessing with Little Data

Report No. 2022-3

I. Georgieva, C. Hofreither

A Newton's method for best uniform rational approximation

Report No. 2022-2

A. Ebert, P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer

Tractability of approximation in the weighted Korobov space in the worst-case setting

Report No. 2022-1