Reports From: 2023

J. Dick, A. Ebert, L. Herrmann, P. Kritzer, M. Longo

The fast reduced QMC matrix-vector product

Report No. 2023-14

D.H. Nguyen, W. Zellinger, S. Pereverzyev

On regularized Radon-Nikodym differentiation

Report No. 2023-13

E. Agathocleous, V. Anupindi, A. Bachmayr, C. Martindale, R.Y.N. Nchiwo, M. Stanojkovski

On homomorphic encryption using abelian groups: Classical security analysis

Report No. 2023-12

L. Ellis, I. Ellis, C. Koutschan, S.K. Suslov

On potentials integrated by Nikiforov–Uvarov method

Report No. 2023-11

M. Kauers, C. Koutschan

Some D-finite and some Possibly D-finite Sequences in the OEIS

Report No. 2023-10

H. Fujiwara, K. Sadiq, A. Tamasan

The algebraic range of the planar X-ray transform of symmetric tensors and applications to noise reduction

Report No. 2023-9

K. Sadiq, A. Tamasan

On the range of the X-ray transform of symmetric tensors compactly supported in the plane

Report No. 2023-8

C. Koutschan, B. Moser, A. Ponomarchuk, J. Schicho

Representing Piecewise Linear Functions by Functions with Small Arity

Report No. 2023-7

J. Grošelj, M. Kapl, M. Knez, T. Takacs, V. Vitrih

$C^1$-smooth isogeometric spline functions of general degree over planar mixed meshes: The case of two quadratic mesh elements

Report No. 2023-6

M. Patry, A. Warren

Line Sidon Sets

Report No. 2023-5

P. Gangl, N. Nees, M. Stingl

Efficient and accurate separable models for discrete material optimization: A continuous perspective

Report No. 2023-4

C. Koutschan, A.K. Uncu, E. Wong

A Unified Approach to Unimodality of Gaussian Polynomials

Report No. 2023-3

M. Kauers, C. Koutschan, T. Verron

Transcendence Certificates for D-finite Functions

Report No. 2023-2

M. Buchacher, M. Kauers

The orbit-sum method for higher order equations

Report No. 2023-1