Reports From: 2024

V. Anupindi, P. Kritzer

Column reduced digital nets

Report No. 2024-9

A. Cesarano, B. Endtmayer, P. Gangl

Homotopy methods for higher order shape optimization: A globalized shape-Newton method and Pareto-front tracing

Report No. 2024-8

T. Cherrière

Towards topology optimization of a hybrid - excited machine using recursive material interpolation

Report No. 2024-7

A. Cesarano, P. Gangl

Tracing Pareto-optimal points for multi-objective shape optimization applied to electric machines

Report No. 2024-6

P. Gangl, N. Krenn

Multi-material topology optimization of an electric machine considering demagnetization

Report No. 2024-5

D. Rios, F. Scholz, T. Takacs

Adaptive optimization of isogeometric multi-patch discretizations using artificial neural networks

Report No. 2024-4

A. Cesarano, C. Dapogny, P. Gangl

Space-time shape optimization of rotating electric machines

Report No. 2024-3

P. Kritzer

Selected aspects of tractability analysis

Report No. 2024-2

C. Koutschan, C. Krattenthaler, M. J. Schlosser

Determinant evaluations inspired by Di Francesco’s determinant for twenty-vertex configurations

Report No. 2024-1