• 09/04/2024 , Graz (via WebEx)
    Norbert Lorenz
    EFEAT-977: Advanced Kinetostatics; EFEAT-1093: Investigation of friction energy and work balance for EHD joint contact areas
    AST System Demo, EXCITE 24.2a
  • 11/03/2024
    Grasegger, Georg
    RigiComp - A mathematica package for rigidity computations
    Code of Rigidity
  • 18/01/2024
    A Petras
    Accurate Cardiac Tissue Description In Computational Modeling Of Radiofrequency Ablation
    Seventh Chilean Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (WONAPDE 2024)
  • 18/01/2024 , Linz
    Peter Kritzer
    What lattice rules can do for you
    RICAM Colloquium
  • 16/01/2024 , Graz (via WebEx)
    Norbert Lorenz
    EFEAT-974: EMC extensions; EFEAT-841: Structure-borne noise up to 16-20kHz
    AST System Demo, EXCITE 24.2a
  • 12/12/2023 , Linz
    Vishnupriya Anupindi
    Reduced digital nets
    Linz Algebra Research Day
  • 12/12/2023 , Wien
    Gangl, Peter
    Numerical approximation of topological derivatives and some applications
    New perspective on Shape and Topology Optimization
  • 12/12/2023 , Linz
    Saad-Eddin, S.
    Products of two proportional primes
    Linz Algebra Research Day
  • 30/11/2023 , Obergurgl
    Hubmer, Simon
    On Phase Unwrapping and Phase Retrieval
    15th SFB Internal Meeting
  • 29/11/2023
    M Anees
    Impact of the Position of Dispersive Patch and Electrode on Power Distribution in RFCA
    RICAM Special Semester 2023
  • 29/11/2023
    A Petras
    Mathematical models of pulsed field ablation
    RICAM Special Semester 2023
  • 28/11/2023
    M Leoni
    Modelling aspects of cardiac radiofrequency ablation and lesion assessment
    RICAM Special Semester 2023
  • 28/11/2023 , Obergurgl
    Nicolas Gindrier
    Second harmonic imaging, initial conditions and sources for non-linear acoustics
    15th SFB internal meeting
  • 27/11/2023 , Obergurgl
    Bochra Mejri
    Corner and T-junction detection
    15th Internal SFB Meeting
  • 27/11/2023 , Paris
    Christoph Koutschan
    Creative Telescoping
    Computer Algebra for Functional Equations in Combinatorics and Physics
  • 14/11/2023 , Admont
    Yisen Wang
    Additive Ore-Sato Theorem
    Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics
  • 13/11/2023 , Admont
    Christoph Koutschan
    Determinant evaluations inspired by Di Francesco's determinant for 20V configurations
    Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics
  • 13/11/2023 , Admont
    Ali Kemal Uncu
    SMT solving partition identities
    Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics
  • 08/11/2023 , Hagenberg
    Ali Kemal Uncu
    SMT solving partition identities
    RICS Combinatorics Seminar
  • 08/11/2023 , Würzburg
    Hackl, Simon
    Ultrasound aberration correction for layered media
    Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems 2023
  • 20/10/2023 , Graz
    Peter Kritzer
    Quasi-Monte Carlo using points with non-negative local discrepancy
    Colloquium on the occasion of Johann Brauchart's 50th Birthday
  • 19/10/2023 , Linz
    Winterhof, A.
    Applications of number theory
  • 18/10/2023
    Grasegger, Georg
    Rigidity and Flexibility of Graphs
    Mathematics Seminar University of Trieste
  • 12/10/2023 , Vancouver
    A. Petras
    Impact of catheter orientation on cardiac radiofrequency ablation
    Statistical Atlases and Computational Modeling of the Heart (STACOM 2023)
  • 11/10/2023 , Vancouver
    A. Petras
    Numerical methods for the solution of PDEs on static and moving surfaces
    Seminar at Simon Fraser University
  • 09/10/2023 , Graz (via WebEx)
    Norbert Lorenz
    EFEAT-841 - Structure-borne noise up to 16-20kHz
    AST System Demo, EXCITE 24.1b
  • 27/09/2023
    Dagmawi A. Seifu
    Oblique projection stabilizing feedback for Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
    Workshop on Stability and Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems (SCINDIS)
  • 26/09/2023
    Sergio S. Rodrigues
    Global stabilization of the Schloegl parabolic equation under control constraints
    European Conference on Computational Optimization (EUCCO)
  • 26/09/2023 , Heidelberg
    Bochra Mejri
    Rock Mass Properties by Stochastic Homogenization method
    European Conference on Computational Optimization
  • 25/09/2023
    Philipp A. Guth
    Ensemble Feedback Stabilization of Linear Systems
    EUCCO 2023