These are generally one-semester programs which are dedicated to varying topics from an applied science in which mathematical methods as represented in the institute are of interest, or to a methodological topic which is of importance to several problem classes from applied sciences. The aim will be that through intensive co-operation between representatives of the applied science and mathematicians, methods will be developed which will firstly further advance the applied science and secondly lead to interesting mathematical results and problems.

At the beginning of each of these semesters, the topic shall be outlined and defined both from the applications and from the methods side in the course of an international meeting; a result of the meeting shall be a collection of topics of research on which work will be done in the following semester. In this work, both part of the institutes staff and guest scientists will be involved, who ideally will spend the whole semester at the institute. To a large extent, they will be representatives of the applied science, normally rather young Post-docs who are on leave from their institute, in some cases also specialists for mathematical methods which shall reinforce the methodological competence of the institute.

As mentioned at the beginning, such special programs shall be carried out not only about applied topics which require diverse mathematical methods, but also about method classes with various application fields. Both types shall be represented approximately equally in long-term.

Informal proposals for topics are welcome.


  • To be announced.

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