Mon, 04.03.2024 – 08.03.2024

Workshop 1 "Landscapes of Rigidity"

within the Special Semester on Rigidity and Flexibility

Workshop 1

March 4–8, 2024

Landscapes of Rigidity

  • Sean Dewar (University of Bristol)
  • Eleftherios Kastis (Lancaster University)

In the land of classical rigidity theory constraint systems where distances between objects are given play the major role. This land of bar-and-joint rigidity consists of the quite well known flat land and goes up the hills to redundant and global rigidity. There are cities of simple architecture given by 0-extensions only and cities with 1-extension buildings. Recently researchers have departed from this land to discover the neighboring countries. Most of which have only partially been investigated. There is a country full of symmetric patterns, a region where objects may slide along on lines and areas where things might change, but only in a coordinated way. Still, there are plenty of white spots on the map of rigidity. This workshop shall gather explorers from all around the world of rigidity to uncover the map.

Tentative Speakers
  • Katie Clinch
  • Jim Cruickshank
  • Zeyuan He
  • Tibor Jordan
  • Viktória Kaszanitzky
  • Derek Kitson
  • Tony Nixon
  • Orit Raz
  • Bernd Schulze
  • Brigitte Servatius
  • Klara Stokes
  • Shin-ichi Tanigawa
  • Martin Winter

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