Nature and Landscape in Schubert’s Time. An Interdisciplinary Approach

Mi, 23.10.2024 – 25.10.2024

Nature and Landscape in Schubert’s Time. An Interdisciplinary Approach

4. JAHRESTAGUNG der Kommission für Interdisziplinäre Schubertforschung

Call for Papers

The relationship between nature and landscape on the one hand and the arts on the other
changed during the early nineteenth century. Due to fundamental developments in the history of
ideas, nature and landscape experienced manifold increases in significance and often served as a
reflection of the inner state of individuals and groups. These phenomena affected not only the
music of Franz Schubert, but also compositions of his contemporaries as well as literature, theater,
and the visual arts in the Habsburg Empire. This conference, therefore, encourages an
interdisciplinary approach.
We particularly invite contributions on the following topics:

  • relationships between the individual and nature, e.g. the motif of the “Wanderer”

  • the (re)discovery of nature and landscape in the Habsburg Empire, the use and instrumentalization of nature for political purposes, and the beginning of natureoriented tourism

  • social components of nature, e.g. urban-rural polarizations.

  • topics of environmentalism in Schubert’s time

  • ecomusicological approaches

We are open as well to other related topics.

Applications should include a short CV and an abstract of ca. 300 words. These materials should be sent to schubert(at) no later than 14 April 2024. Most of the costs for travel and accommodation will be covered by the Schubert Research Center. The conference language is English.