New FWF projects approved

Two individual projects and two publication projects at the OeAI receive funding from the Austrian Science Fund


In the meeting of the Decision Board of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) on June 26, 2023, four projects of the OeAI were approved. These are two individual projects and two publication projects.

1.  »The necropolis of Potzneusiedl (Burgenland, Austria)« (PUB 1027 Buchpublikation) | Project lead: Lucia Clara FORMATO
2.  »Searching for Gold. Resources and Networks in the Bronze Age« (PUB 1052 Buchpublikation) | Project lead: Reinhard JUNG
3.  »A Unique Urban Social Space in Pompeii: Insula VII 4« (P 37071 Einzelprojekte) | Project lead: Christoph BAIER
4.  »Documentation and Interpretation of the Dion Organ« (P 36834 Einzelprojekte) | Project lead: Stefan HAGEL


Congratulations to the project leaders on their success!