OeAI Library - UPDATE

Changes due to the move to the PSK

© Unsplash/Guzel Maksutova

The library of the OeAI Department of Historical Archaeology in Vienna is the largest special library for archaeology in Austria. It comprises approx. 54,500 volumes, including 730 journals and series.

This stock of the OeAI is currently still housed together with the Archaeology and Numismatics Library of the Vienna University at the Franz Klein-Gasse in 1190 Vienna and is open to the public.

In summer 2023, however, the OeAI will leave this location and move to the Österreichische Postsparkasse at Georg Coch-Platz 1 in 1010 Vienna. In the course of the relocation, the OeAI's book collection will be decoupled from the Vienna University Library.

From the end of September, the entire library stock of the OeAI will then be accessible via the catalogue of the Library of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the catalogue of the Austrian Library Network.

After the move, the complete special library of the OeAI, which will then also include the publications from the departments of Prehistory & West Asian/Northeast African Archaeology and Classical Studies, will be accessible to external users at the Postsparkasse.


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