THE NEUTRAL NORMATIVITY OF TECHNOLOGY IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Conceptual discussion and practical handling

Conceptual discussion and practical handling 

Technology assessment (TA) is committed to impartial expertise and democratic values. And beyond that? What normative framework does it operate within? Is it the same everywhere, or does it differ depending on the topic, social task, or country and political culture? How should TA deal with normative claims that are brought to it from the outside, and how with those that come from within, from TA itself? What possibilities does TA have for identifying and processing normative claims, and how can and should it position itself in the concert of conflicting political interests and divergent world views? Is "neutral" expertise a hindrance or a help in this process; can it (still) exist at all? The authors of this volume attempt to provide answers to these questions or at least to address the problems facing increasingly diverse TA approaches in times of sharper political and economic contrasts and accelerated technological development. 

Authors: Armin Grunwald, Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes | Christoph Kehl | Helge Torgersen, Julia Hahn, Jan-Hendrik Kamlage | Julia Reinermann, Marcel Krüger | Philipp Frey, Linda Nierling | Maria Udén, Poonam Pandey | Aviram Sharma, Diana Schneider, Stefan Strauß

Editors: Linda Nierling, Helge Torgersen

This publication is only available in German