Maria-Katharina Lang


 + 43 1 51581 - 6458


Maria-Katharina Lang is senior researcher and curator at the Institute for Social Anthropology (ISA) specializing in Mongolian Studies and artistic-scientific research. She is PI and director of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) sponsored art–based research project Dispersed & Connected. Artistic Fragments along the Steppe and Silk Roads (https://dispersedandconnected.net) and the project Art & Anthropology. Scientific-Artistic Research between Mongolia and Austria (EPU). She directed several projects in cooperation with research partners in Mongolia including Nomadic Artefacts (WWTF) and Mongolian Ethnographica in European Museums (bmwf:forMuse).

She curated exhibitions such as Dust & Silk (Weltmuseum Wien, 2021/22), Steppe & Silk Roads (MARKK Hamburg, 2021), Nomadic Artefacts (Theseustempel Vienna, 2016; MARKK Hamburg 2017; Völkerkundemuseum VPST Heidelberg, 2018) and Artefacts as Links (Bogd Khan Palace Museum Ulaanbaatar, 2017). Since 2018 she is the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia in Austria. She edited the book Nomadic Artefacts (2016), the exhibition catalogue Dust & Silk (2021) and co-edited with Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran Artefacts as Links/Эд Өлгийн Барилдлага (2017). Together with Tsetsentsolmon she published the articles „Connected or Traversed? Plans, Imaginaries, and the Actual State of Railway Projects in Mongolia“ (Transfers, 2021) and „Artefact Transfers. Displacing, Representing, and (Re-) Valuing Objects in Mongolia“ (Inner Asia, 2020).


  • Mongolian Studies
  • Artistic-Scientific Research
  • Steppe and Silk Roads (historic and present BRI), Infrastructures
  • Mobility, Artefact Transfers, Transformation
  • Museum and Collection Histories (including Mongolian and Soviet museum histories)
  • Anthropology of Art, Objects, Art, Memory