ISA Regional Group Tibet, Mongolia, Central Asia and Tibetan-speaking Himalaya Regions

Integrating contemporary topics and theory with historical expertise and innovative methodology, in-depth research in these regions is conducted in the fields of socio-cultural, historical, and medical anthropology as well as anthropology of art.

Current research topics are


  • Early Tibetan burial mound culture
  • Socio-cultural processes along old and new steppe and silk routes
  • Mobility, nomadism and memory
  • Forms of interaction and processes of transformation in the Himalayas and Central Asia
  • Transfer of art, culture and knowledge in the past and present
  • Contemporary Tibetan medicine/Sowa Rigpa throughout the region
  • Materiality and material culture in Tibet
  • Exile-Tibetan nationalism in India
  • The Scientific Tibet Legacy of Peter Aufschnaiter