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Noura Kamal holds a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna. Her thesis is about the scopes of agency in Nablus (Palestine) under siege and Israeli occupation. She graduated from Birzeit University in Palestine with a Master's degree in Sociology. Her thesis is about the Student Movement at Birzeit University in Palestine, a comparative study between the first and second Intifada. Currently, she is a researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Social Anthropology, working on her stand-alone project “Humorous Art and Reconfiguring Palestinian Discourse” which is funded by The Austrian Science Fund (P 32362).


  • Anthropology of social suffering
  • Anthropology of humour
  • Palestinian studies
  • Popular and folk art in Palestine & Yemen
  • Refugee studies

Regional focus

  • Middle East


Selected Publications

Selected Publications

2020   Counter Narratives through the lens of al Baraddūnī: The case of the 1962 Yemeni revolution, Arabian Humanities, 13/2020. doi.org/10.4000/cy.6173

2020   Nablus Under Siege: Religiosity and the creation of resilience. Anthropos, Issue 115/2, p. 417–432. doi.org/10.5771/0257-9774-2020-2-417

2017   Journey to Europe: Memory and the Path to Tomorrow, in: Kohlbacher, Josef, and Leonardo Schiocchet (eds.): From Destination to Integration – Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Vienna. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, p. 83–103. doi:10.1553/ISR_FB045 epub.oeaw.ac.at/0xc1aa5576_0x0036e02c.pdf

Other Publications

Other Publications

2020   Neighborhood in Nablus City: The Formation of Social Safety Network during the Siege. Germany: Middle East Topics and Arguments, issue 14/2020, p. 154–168. doi.org/10.17192/meta.2020.14.8254

2020   Alternative Historiography: Al- Baraddūnī’s Perspective on Popular Literature and Folk Art in Yemen. Pragu: Archiv Orientální, 12/2020, p. 111–136. doi.org/10.47979/aror.s.2020.XII.111

2017   Co-authored book chapter: Smiles and Smallness: Jokes in the Yemen and in Palestine (with Andre Gingrich, first author, and Zulfokar Al-Dubai), in: Hannerz, Ulf, and Andre Gingrich (eds.): Small Countries: Structures and Sensibilities. Philadelphia: The University of Pennsylvania Press, p. 283–300.

2014   Experiences from the Field: Nablus under siege and occupation, in: Kamal, Noura, Eva Kössner, and Klaudia Rottenschlager (eds.): Past-Present Fieldwork: Anthropological Contributions at the Intersection of Memory, Power, and Culture. Austrian Studies in Social Anthropology, Vol 2, p. 32–36. www.univie.ac.at/alumni.ksa/wp-content/uploads/ASSA-KSA2013_PastPresentFieldwork.pdf


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