Gerhard Oberhammer, Marcus Schmücker, ed., 2011
Die Relationalität des Subjektes im Kontext der Religionshermeneutik. (BKGA 70.) Wien: VÖAW, 2011 (order online). (351 S.)


The papers in this volume collected document the meanwhile ninth interdisciplinary conference on different topics of the hermeneutics of religion organized and conducted by the Institute of Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia of the Austrian Academy of Science during September 2008 under the title "the subject as the principle of relationality in the context of hermeneutics of religion". Especially for this conference it had been considered that in a perspective of different religious traditions the central question of religion would be incomplete without a discussion about the subject and about its relationality. Thus every contribution of this volume approaches the problem in which way in a context of religious tradition subjectivity can be connected with relationality. On one hand it can mean a fundamental relation to transcendence. On the other hand it characterizes the relation to another subject as encountering "being-with" other subjects.