Evaluation of the background of the CRESST dark matter experiment

Supervisor: Dr. Valentyna Mokina

Project: CRESST

CRESST is a cryogenic direct dark matter detection experiment, currently leading in the hunt for very light dark matter particles from 1GeV/c2 down to 100MeV/c2. The sensitivity for low dark matter particle masses in CRESST is limited by the residual background originating from interactions of Standard Model particles in the detector. For this reason, is of crucial importance to identify and reduce components of the background.

Within this project, we are looking for a master/Diploma student. The main task for you would be the evaluation of backgrounds affecting the dark matter sensitivity. You will start from radiopurity data of different materials to evaluate their contribution to the overall background. In addition, you will simulate and investigate potential additional contributions to the overall background budget beyond the already known ones.

Programming skills and basic particle physic knowledge are highly welcome.